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Introduction to the Facebook Group for Cabal related public discussions


We established the Temple of Maergzjirah Facebook group for the primary purpose of educating people who were interested in learning about The Cabal and our current. Because there are a lot of public works from The Cabal, there are a lot of misconceptions out there and rumors floating around, and we have set up this space to move the dialog forward. It is part of our public discussion and education campaign. If people have questions about The Cabal – this is the public forum through which we will be holding these discussions.

In addition, we will be leveraging our webpage (blog postings), publishing arm (upcoming grimoires), and youtube channel (in works) to continue to disseminate information and teachings. If the information does not come through one of these public channels – it is most likely false. When in doubt ASK (either through the group here or via the email addresses or contact us on the website)

This being said, the FB group was originally set to public so we could have these discussions more openly, however, due to some members deciding to utilize membership status to attack other members, we’ve made the group private to prevent leaking of these identities. Due to the public nature of this group forum, we will be inviting many people who ask (unless they have been banned previously), which is also why we have a very strict moderation rule here – we want to focus the discussion on positive discussions and public discourse about the craft.

Some people will join the group just to learn more about the craft and have no desire to advance or further explore the current. Again, the purpose of this group is primarily to educate, and this group serves as the main channel through which we can have curated public discussions about the works. There is neither pressure nor expectation that membership in this group will lead to or further advancement within the current.

Also note, that if someone is uncomfortable using Facebook, they can always reach out to us here through our emails or via the contact us form (many Cabal members have no online presence nor hold online discussions at all - not even membership on the forums).


The Cabal consists of worldwide sorcerers, who have been trained in an oral lineage almost 600 years old. Since the dawn of the new millennia, portions of The Cabal teachings have become more and more public – with the release of the first public material in the early 2000s. Since then much more publicly available teachings have been released and will continue to grow as the current continues to advance. For those who keep asking – YES there is a lot more information, material, and works than what you see in the public – YES there are other aspects and members of The Cabal which will remain publicly hidden. NO, we will not be discussing any of that in any public group. In fact, a majority of teaching still continues in face to face oral transmission between teacher and student and should never be disseminated in any other fashion.

However, because of the renewed interest in the current, this group serves to help further the discussions of those public teachings, as well as serve as the first line of defense against false information or malicious rumors that get spread about the current and our organization. What is in the public domain will form the basis of discussions – and as more works move to the public, these will become part of that discussion. There are always a lot of questions on the materials, and this group is where we plan for that discussion to take place. Some of it comes in the form of advice and guidance, others for sharing experiences.

Do note, that unlike other systems – The Cabal REQUIREs experiential workings – meaning a lot of the questions you ask will not be answered (maybe even deleted) because the answers you seek come from doing the working itself. It is also why Journaling your experiences is vitally important (to see what you did, what worked, what didn’t work, and serves as a record that you can reflect on and learn by looking back at results you might have previously overlooked in light of future learnings).

We don’t want to set you up for failure by predicting your experience on pre-conceived notions – we want you to do the work, experience, experiment, and make sure what you are doing produces repeatable results. Additionally, a lot of the work comes from not only doing the “work” itself, but researching and understanding the material on your own – we are not here to spoon-feed you information, but rather help guide and shape your workings with the craft. When in doubt – do the work (SEARCH IS YOUR FRIEND)!

We know there is the desire to learn more, get deeper, and understand more things. But also want you to know that we’ve all been in your shoes (when we all started we were all eager to keep digging deeper). There are deliberate processes and a reason why we don’t just scattershot everything all at once. It’s an educational pathway within the current and requires continued studies to be ready for more in-depth materials. DO NOT get sucked into the “learning paralysis” that we see too many “armchair” sorcerers get into – they start learning one system, then go off on a tangent trying to learn its roots, then go off on another tangent trying to learn something else. This is your ego talking and most of our foundational rites focus on getting you out of this mindset. Yes, there is a lot to learn, and if patient, dedicated, and disciplined, all will be revealed in due course.

However, note as well, the material out in the public (if understood on its deeper level) is enough for students to spend an entire lifetime working through. If you advance through the current, you will continue to come back to these early workings again and again - learning deeper and more profound workings (of JUST the public material). Before trying to jump off into the deeper end of the pool, think about mastering the material already out there. (And don’t try and come across as “I finished up the rite of Litch” 30 days [or even 6 months] after learning about the material).


The secondary purpose of this group is to serve as the first step for individuals who are discerning the current and determine if they wish to progress further along the path. This process is bi-directional, both the individual needs to independently wish to pursue further teachings and advancement within the craft AND The Cabal needs to determine if the individual would truly make a good fit for The Cabal. Remember, this is the first step in a fairly long journey – the most important part is for individuals to understand what The Cabal has to offer, and discern if this current is something they wish to advance further. It is all about education, learning about The Cabal, asking your questions, and practicing the current. Because there is not a huge amount of material out in the public, and there are many more questions than answers floating around out there, this first step enables individuals to learn about the current without requiring the level of commitment seen in other initial steps of other organizations.

The first rule about membership is you don’t talk about membership. Stop posting and asking – can I join the next group, who are the Tower Masters (know that if a mod responds it needs to be taken seriously) who are other members, can I join the forums, can I join The Cabal… these cries fall upon mostly deaf ears (repeated asking, without reading this answer here will lead to some pretty quick banning). If membership is your goal, your whole purpose here is to learn as much as you can, put in the work, and through continued discipline and dedication, indicate to the moderators here that you are indeed a serious student, and would like to continue working and learning about the path. 9 times out of 10, if the student is ready, one of the mentors will highlight their progress and contributions and (in private) provide them access to the “serious students” group for further vetting and discernment. If you think you’ve done the work and should be considered for advancement, you probably haven’t done enough work. Don’t be surprised for it to take 6 months or even a year of posting in the FB group before you might be considered for advancement. It is, as we have repeatedly said, a long and involved process of continued dedication and discipline.

Even if you gain access to the “serious students” group, you are still in the process of discernment and your efforts should redouble towards your studies. Again, after vetting and weeding out candidates, and once you’ve dedicated yourself fully to the path, the next step is petitioning for the postulant phase. Your application will be reviewed, your contributions tested, and if found worthy, be tapped as a postulant – at which time you may receive access to a private forum (outside of Facebook). It’s at this juncture that your study and progress really begins – as it takes 6 months to a year (at least) for postulants to move from that phase into the next.

Are these hard and fast rules? No. Can someone attached to the current suddenly find themselves a disciple after “just joining” the FB group? Possibly. Can someone who’s been in the group for years never receive access to the “serious students” group and get removed from this group without warning? Yes. The moral of the story, do the work, show your interest and dedication to the path, and when you’ve proven yourself, your efforts may be recognized.

Note too, that working with the current and advancing through the public material provides power and prestige all in and of itself, and should be seen as a goal in and of itself. Membership in the organization, does have it’s benefits, but it also comes with a very strong burden of responsibility (read chains of the abyss), that all members and associates must abide from. While we want to see everyone succeed, and want to see the advancement of the current throughout the world, we also are mandated to keep the current PURE, and membership in our ranks is limited to those who dedicate their advancement for The Cabal.

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