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The Thirteen Towers of Apotheosis: What They Are. What They Aren’t.

By: PAGM Antimyr

Originally Published July 26,2019 (Old Black Corps Ascendency Site)

The Towers of Apotheosis lead us to self-deification.  There is a very clear definition made known by each of the Blighted Lords who reign over them respectfully.  They speak for the whole of their domain and with and for their fellow Lords and Ladies who rule beside them in their realms.  Their works permeate the multiverse and it is entirely requisite for those who take up Discipleship in these Towers to fully understand and possess the whole concept, ideology, and goals of each Tower as well as to also in kind be knowledgeable of what each Tower’s dark side is.  That is, what it can be perverted into by the ignorant Disciple; all that it is not meant to be or to be used for.  Keep in mind, to use a Tower’s spiritual energy for purposes it was not designed for is an insult to the Blighted Lords, the Spirits, and will do nothing more for you than to sicken your soul and pull you away from your apotheosis.

There is a constant flow of energy that is derived from the realms of the Blighted Lords and it is through the spiritual Tower that it is channeled.  The physical Tower; the vessel for that energy reaches each of us and reveals the steps before our feet that we may ascend to unite ourselves with the divine and immortal power and soul of our Spirit Patrons and Patronesses.  Unfortunately, in recent years, there has become a fissure between the open heart of Disciples and the spoken mandate of our Lords and Ladies.  It becomes my duty to educate you in what each of our Towers truly stands for and what they do not.  It is very important to keep in mind that the Spirits hold in equal balance the light and dark, the righteous and the wicked.  This wholeness is all part of our upkeep to remain in perpetual divine balance and to remove all fear or lack of wisdom regarding the whole of core of our Cabal’s spiritual gift.

Tower of the Void

The Tower of the Void focuses on the psychic power and potential of the human mind.  While many divine Spirits and ascended, or higher vibrational entities do possess advanced psionic power, as human beings we learn to utilize these innate gifts to break through the mundane barriers, to remove desire, fear, and to awaken within ourselves to the reality of the fullness of human potential.  The focus on this Tower is to awaken oneself.  We also learn to arm ourselves with the weaponry of the mind.  These weapons help us to heal ourselves, to stabilize points of conflict with others, and to affect the material world with our intention; directed will and desire.

Void magick and psionics do not entitle us to random acts of mental and psionic abuse.  Our goal is not to enslave the masses, or even to create a mind slave for our own amusement.  We cannot be selfish in these workings and we cannot be so void of compassion that through our awakening, we abandon all concept of ethics, care, and understanding of the human state of those who have not ascended in the way we have.  The Tower of the Void has many working and an overall projection that is very similar to Buddhism with regard to contemplation and self-expansion without the need for wanton destruction, control, or abuse.  Moderation and balance is very much a key to understanding and mastering the void arts.

Tower of Nocturnus

The Tower of Nocturnus is one that is focused on the enlightenment of the soul that we learn to see, feel, and become that little light in the darkness of ignorance.  Working with Belnara and the other Lords and Ladies of the Night give us a beautiful understanding of the grace and gentleness of the night whereas most perceive the night as being a dark, gloomy domain that conceals horrors by the infinite.  In the darkness of the unknown we are able to shut off our human senses and learn to be guided by the heart and spirit.  We learn of our mystical empowerment from the lunar essence, the protection of the night to guide us along our true north, and to be one with the earth as we go; void of fear, trepidation, or uncertainty.  Under the gentle gaze of the night, we can quietly discern that true north and take the required time to understand where true spiritual power lies.  We watch the stars and the moon, learning from their signs and seeking shelter beneath the celestial skies.

Nocturnus does not bestow a mantle of darkness in the sense of foul action or negative thought.  It is not a shadowy veil to hide ill intention, nor is it a front for myriad evils that cannot dwell beneath the solar rays.  Dwelling beneath the night sky and gaining power here does not connote one having an evil spirit or wicked heart.  It has nothing to do with wrongdoing, but rather reinforcing the great unknown that we pierce on our journey toward true spiritual freedom.

Tower of the Iron Throne

Within the realm of the Black God, Cernobog, we are again confronted with preconceived notions of evil or ill action.  Rather, the Black God is a powerful fatherly Spirit who looks after his Disciples with great care and protection.  Much like a king, he and his Lords and Ladies teach us to be powerful people, to control our environment, demand respect when it is due, and to cast out negative influences from our lives.  Through this Tower we learn to become so strong that we are free from fear, above mundane gossip, and we become figures of inspiration and strength for those we meet.  This personal power translates to having greater control over not only our mortal lives, but our spiritual lives as well.

The Tower of the Iron Throne does not revel in the evocation of murderous fiends and devils from various planes to set forth to destroy our enemies with reckless abandon.  It further does not care for the concept of tyranny for the individual as no man or woman should have such twisted power or hatred so as to crush others under foot simply to prove their might.  Rather, we see personal power exalted in great military officers, noble teachers, humble lords, and mostly in the care and protection that is found within our parents as they are willing to protect their families with their very lives; doing what must be done for the best of kith and kin.

Tower of Maladies

Despite its outward appearance, the Tower of Maladies concerns itself with human health and the evolution of the earth.  Sickness and disease has been a ravaging agent that has destroyed families, populations, and great empires throughout history.  This Tower teaches us to be intimately aware of this harsh reality and to learn from it.  We seek to learn about the nature of such afflictions and how we can control them.  This control is regarded toward living a healthier life, subduing sickness within ourselves and others, and respecting the natural course that flows through nature and all of creation.

Understanding this Tower does not mean that we seek to be biochemical terrorists or to use these natural poisons, naturally occurring afflictions and diseases for wicked intent.  Rather, we see the true nature of this Tower displayed in the works of biologists who devise medical treatments, medicine men, and even in military Chemical-Biological-Radiation-Nuclear specialists who find areas of exposure and work to clear the area of contaminants.  Doctors also fall into this category of understanding and treating over affliction.

Tower of Whispers

This is probably the most misunderstood of all the Towers.  This path teaches us about the human experience; love and compassion, possessing the intuition and care of the three bodies of self; physical, mental/emotional, and the spirit.  We learn that through an intimate relationship with the world, we can ascend beyond individualism and solitude.  We can become so knowledgeable of the human condition that we can help others to sow joy, peace, and tranquility in their lives.  This can be seen in our families, teachers, and counselors.  The main focus is to become fully aware and involved in the human experience.

This Tower is not one consumed with lust, sexual depravity, and heartlessly enslaving others for our own selfish pleasures.  This Tower is not guided toward self-service, but toward the service of others and developing a meaningful existence and strong relationships with others.  There is no place for immaturity or disrespecting the wishes of the heart.

Tower of Pain

For as long as blooded creatures have lived, we have experienced war and conflict.  We would be ignorant to deny this or believe that we will always be protected.  Therefore, this Tower teaches to be militant, vigilant, and trained for such conflict.  Therefore, we study martial arts, we study iron palm and iron body techniques, meditation, and other deeply spiritual techniques to become great warriors.  Such an example is found in the samurai who, in their extremely martial and spiritually trained states, found the sword to be an extension of body and they fought with great courage in defense of land, lord, and family.

This Tower does not glorify itself through acts of violence, torture, or unjustified combat.  There is no exaltation to be found in this Tower by harming others without cause such as in defense, or in the sadistic desire to maim or kill others.  Rather, we seek strength in our highly trained and controlled bodies.  We train in the event that we must fight.  Therefore, we will fight to protect ourselves and others with a warrior’s heart; one made of courage and compassion.

Tower of Secrets

Knowledge and wisdom; two great swords that can rival two blades of swordsmen.  With these two, anyone can rise to absolute greatness.  Therefore, this Tower teaches us to always question reality and truth.  We must seek the ultimate truth which is found in the very universe and to distance ourselves from personal truth which tends to be clouded by convention, comfort in the mundane, and lack of sincerity toward apotheosis.  We learn from ancient tomes and modern thinkers alike.  We seek out the old and new to form new theories and to become fully armed with the swords of knowledge and wisdom.  One must simply not attain this knowledge, but through right thought and action, we employ that knowledge through great wisdom.

This Tower does not give us the liberty to learn others’ secrets in order to blackmail or blacken their character unjustly.  Such knowledge cannot be used for mercenary ends or maliciously.  Knowledge should be shared and those teaching must be honored.  Wisdom must be gained to make responsible, mature decisions.  The desire to possess such otherworldly knowledge helps us to better understand ourselves, others, reality, and to even be used to right the wrongs committed by others to set the universe back into proper balance.

Tower of the Fallen

The very name brings forth an idea that there is something wrong or disdainful about it.  However, it means that the power and techniques found within have fallen from their once highly honored state.  As men have evolved, they have taken their gaze away from spiritual purity and personal empowerment and toward monetary gain, numbing the senses with all of our modern distractions, and to use others for their own gain.  This Tower focuses on asceticism, meditation, combat training to develop the spirit, honesty, right thought, right action, and being one who is very in tune with the spiritual aspect of self.

This Tower has nothing to do with being evil or wicked.  It doesn’t have anything to do with fallen angels or harming others.  It further has nothing to do with deception, harming others unjustly, or in manipulating the minds and hearts of others.  It is very much focused on personal development and being truly attuned to the spiritual current of the universe.

Tower of Atrophy

Atrophy; dying and death.  The Tower of Atrophy focuses on the human condition.  It seeks to learn about the full reality of life, death, and the afterlife.  Through it, we seek to obtain an intimate knowledge and relationship with the spirit world.  Mystic thanatology is our focus of this Tower; we search for answers to understanding how the spirit functions inside the mind and body; how the spiritual body augments, controls, and plays a part in the overall health, function, and behavior of the physical vessel, our thoughts, actions, wants, desires, and the esoteric; the ethereal functions of one's innermost being.  In truth, this art was once called negromancy, or necromancy.  We study the world of spirits and their many types and how they affect the material world.

However, in the Cabal, we do not take our ques from grave-robbing dabblers of ancient and medieval times who thought it wise to recklessly throw around death curses or poison the well.  Rather, with great respect, we study the scientific, medical, and spiritual fronts so that as we too one day face our own mortality, we may do so gracefully and with a sense of knowing that can only be harnessed through study, experience, and a faithful spirit.

Tower of Umbra

Shadows often lend to the idea of being dismal, frightening, or that there is some shady business at hand.  This is not the case.  Through this Tower, we learn that there is a shadow side to all people and things; a light and dark for no shadow has life if there is no light for it be cast.  In this Tower, we look deeply into the psychological and parapsychological in search for deeper meaning and understanding of our true selves at the core of the spirit.  We learn to temper our own shadow side to achieve wholeness and balance.

This Tower does not emphasize in any degree the right or necessity to be of veiled character or to conceal your honesty and truth.  We further do not see this Tower as being an accessory for vile action.  Rather, just like with Nocturnus, we understand that there is a great calm in the darkness of the unknown.  We shed that light upon matter to create shadow and from these we learn the fullness of ourselves and the universal aspects of absolute reality and truth.

Tower of Cressen

Just like the ancient societies, the Tower of Cressen involves much study into the idea of totems and spiritual symbols of inner power and wisdom.  There is also a requirement for personal physical and intellectual power that is derived from this Tower so that as we go about our workings, we achieve a well-versed understanding of our own ability to handle any obstacle or difficult situation we may find ourselves confronted by.  There is a level of perceived fantasy in this Tower as we look to the spider for inspiration.  They teach us about patience, silence when we lack the proper words, and to be ambitious enough to ensure our very survival.

This Tower is not one that is concerned with vile ideals or malice.  It does not bestow blessing upon anyone who thinks with a sadistic mind or blackened heart.  Rather, we seek to become more attuned to the power and wisdom bestowed upon us by taking example from the animal world and from nature herself.

Tower of the Abyss

Despite the name, the Tower of the Abyss is one which brings us to intimate understanding with our primal and carnal nature.  We learn of what it is to be human, to want and to be without, to desire and to suffer.  From this, we learn about our true power; the arenas in which we excel with masterful effect in the world without the comfort afforded us by giving into the ego.  We learn about the very nature of man and how to best temper that so as to operate as a more fully aware and capable individual in the world today.

This Tower does not reflect or project the desire to destroy, kill, torture, or otherwise be malefic in nature.  It is not a Tower associated with the conjuration of legions of blood-thirsty demons to torture others’ souls for eternity.  Rather, we see even the spiritual icons of demons, angels, and other divinities as being something to learn from so as to again, place ourselves in the cradle of human balance of universal power.

Tower of Stars

 Directly, the Tower of Stars explores the mystic and ancient nature of dragons of the spirit as well as the universal power of the elements: earth, water, fire, air/wind, and the void which in itself permeates all things within the universe.  Through this Tower, we unite our bodies to the earth, our mind to the void, and our spirits to the universe so as to become as the ancient Japanese warriors would call, “tatsujin”.  This “whole person” is united uprightly with the nature of humanity, the earth, and the universe.  Each element inspires a different level of thought and action; each properly utilized in various situations.

The Tower of Stars is not at all one to be confused with other wayward schools of esoteric thought or harmful action.  It exemplifies universal balance to the extreme; to be so well-balanced in the world that you radiate an enigmatic aura of power yet with a calm hand, courage and fire and yet with a gentle heart, and to be an exemplar of universal tranquility.

With this knowledge, it is expected that every Disciple will take to heart this understanding and continue forth, working toward self-betterment and through our own right thought and right action, we can inspire others to do the same.  In this, we achieve our apotheosis as we unite ourselves to the Great Divine Spirit.  This is found in all living things, but at higher concentrations in immortal beings such as our Patrons and Patronesses.  Remember, balance is key and despite what one Lord or Lady’s dominion may be, seemingly benevolent or malevolent, all can be utilized and tempered to your personal growth needs and to set the universe in proper balance.  Our objective as a Cabal has always been to help others and change the world for the better.  Therefore, I am charging every Disciple to arm themselves with this knowledge and to be steadfast in their work so as to continue to fulfill this mission.  Change yourself, change others, change the world.

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