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Through a collaborative education from The Blighted Lords and Ladies throughout the years of our education we have gained an acute understanding in the hierarchy of spiritual educators they would see formatted in the modern day. This organization breaks the mold in many ways from the standard many are accustom to having been raised in Etheris. However, it is important to note that this is first and foremost an academic institution.

Through rebellion we have come together to educate our Disciples in the liberation of the soul. Throughout the Towers of Apotheosis common denominators have remained consistent for aeons in unveiling the mechanisms of spiritual enslavement. It is through this harmonious emancipation of the mind, body, and spirit that the aspiring Disciple can better comprehend our approach to guidance.

Liberation through education is our mission statement. Bridging the planes our means. With each Disciple freed the mechanisms of Etheris grow weaker and weaker. Each Blood Pact taken rends asunder the spiritual bindings that make up the fabric of this reality. We teach you how to create for yourself and attain independence in all aspects of your life through self-mastery. We lead you on the paths of conquest and enlightenment. To address the enemy known and discover the enemy beyond your sight.

We offer all of the information, insight, and tools you will need to seize victory.
Through empowering:
The mind beyond ignorance.
The heart beyond shame.
The spirit beyond limitation.
The flesh beyond mortality.


It is well known that many, many people who paid money for relics previously, or different items, haven't received them. It is also well known that most of you that didn't receive these items also didn't get a refund. For those of you that this has happened to, I can't express how sorry I am. This isn't a sound business practice, it isn't legal, and it isn't what we stand for as an organization. I want you to know that this is the cause of one man, and not the organization as a whole. The previous Ascended Grand Master, Somnus Dreadwood, is the one at fault. He took money for a multitude of relics and items, and many people haven't ever received the items that were paid for. Again, I cannot express how sorry I am that this has happened, and that we as a organization are doing anything and everything that we can to make this right for you. To make a long story short, the previous Ascended Grand Master is no longer part of the organization, and he never will be again. All ties with this individual have been cut. 

Even though none of us here had anything to do with monies being kept and nothing being sent, we want to help to make you whole. At this time, we are offering to recreate the majority of Relics and items that were purchased, or to exchange them for services of an value. The only thing that we ask of you is that you pay for the cost of shipping and handling. For the majority of the items, we will cover the cost of what is needed to make them. For some items that are more costly, Grand Relics being a good example of this (think the Skull of Zazazel), we won't be able to cover the cost of the skull, or items that are costly like this. However, we are willing to do the crafting and creating of the item, so something can be worked out. Not only should you receive the item you paid for, many of you have been waiting years to receive your items, and that isn't acceptable. You should also receive a refund from the one that deceived you of your hard earned monies. We are in the process of setting up a Class Action Lawsuit to get this taken care of. 

If you ordered something and never received it, please email us. If you have a receipt, an order number, screen shots, anything. Please reach out to us and we will work with you. 

Our deepest apologies, 

The Black Council

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