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Joining the current of Maergzjirah unto Discipleship sparks the dawn of a spiritual journey which guides you to embrace eternity. The Cabal is an organization steadfast on the front-lines of the veil; A construct which seeks to subjugate rather than exalt the spirit. Our dominions evolve expansively throughout the multiverse in the rebuking of all interpretations of repressing the truth. It is the might of our unified education which creates sanctuary for those that would stand with us. Power is earned in this organization, and those given the honor to educate value such over all mechanisms of the mundane.

We strive for perfection.

We have faith in those that have faith in the path. When you embark upon Discipleship first you enter into the postulant phase. The purpose of this is to observe your devotion to your training as the mediums of education are derived most conducive to ascension. To guide those that portray the requisite discipline during the six months of initiatory guidance. In the beginning you are limited in your access to the full scope of information our forum offers. We seek to assure your focus is geared only on your foundation. Etheris is saturated enough with distraction. We would not want the myriad of paths and exaltation available to you to distract from the foundation that will assure you do not corrupt your own ascension. During this phase you must choose a Tower of Apotheosis and collaborate with a mentor. You will receive tutelage through our educational body that seek to refine the pursuits of every aspiring Disciple. In the ambitions of instilling an understanding of what it takes to seize divinity in Etheris.

Discipleship is earned upon the taking of The Blood Pact at one of our official gatherings.

We exalt the devoted.

Should you honor the education that is given to you. After deliberation from the managing council Discipleship shall be bestowed. Upon becoming a Disciple you are granted further access to information that your education may blossom. This requires recommendation from your mentor. A formal pact will have been made along side your new spiritual family. We honor the current through humility in our pursuits of self-mastery and dominion over the existence. We stand together as a nexus of unified might before the corruption that once deceived us of our potential. We do not betray the hopes and dreams of our people. For through the current, by the grace of The Nameless God in The Black City, all is attainable.

Criteria of Admission
Applicant must be at least 16 years of age.
Agree to live by The Chains of The Abyss and Tenets of Etiquette.
Petition must be filled out honestly and comprehensively. Submitted through our official channels.
A processing fee of 50.00 dollars is paid at the time of submission.
Agree to devote yourself to the postulant phase.

Upon earning Discipleship you will receive
The Disciple’s Handbook, which is comprised of but not limited to the following:
-Philosophies of the current.
-Historical elaboration of our spiritual culture.
-Educational aides to further the progress of your Discipleship and secure your ascent.
-Seals to access The Blighted Lords and Ladies as well as the planes they rule
-The hierarchy of the current
-The Chains of The Abyss and Tenets of Etiquette
-Membership certificate
-Our sacred days
-Access to our forum
-Disciple discounts

Send inquiries for Discipleship to to receive your petition.

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