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As your education develops, seek the Towers of Apotheosis as therein lies all resources to accomplish any ambition. Possessing the correct comprehension of your workings shall create a bolstered flow of energy  highly conducive to victory. Each contains a knowledge of the literal, metaphorical, and spiritual correspondence to accommodate any scope of ritual. Thus making each Tower complex yet powerful to bolster one's understanding of their craft. The Towers of Apotheosis and their ever expansive dominions are... 

Tower of the Void – Knowledge of psychic ability and psionics, divination, astral projection, meditation, the void, bilocation, psychometabolic augmentation. 

Tower of Nocturnus – Knowledge of nocturnal magick, the night, moon magick, nocturnal familiars, darkness, stealth, protection. 

Tower of the Iron Throne – Authority, kingship, demonology, knowledge, balanced control of emotion 

Tower of Maladies – Knowledge of sicknesses, diseases, plagues, poisons, pestilence, mithridatism, and the arts of healing the afflicted. 

Tower of Whispers – Knowledge of charisma, charm, tantric exercises, sexual esotericism, social grace, enchantment 

Tower of Pain – Knowledge of history and the human condition; political use of torture, assassination, martial arts, enslavement, combat, war. 

Tower of Secrets – Knowledge, wisdom, discoveries, finding lost treasures, deciphering ancient and planar secrets, languages, world history. 

Tower of the Fallen – Knowledge of healing, mystical resurrection, aestheticism, universal balance, empathy, militant protection. 

Tower of Atrophy – Knowledge of death and dying, thanatology, necrology, funeral practices by culture, mystical undeath, rebirth, spirits, the afterlife

Tower of Umbra – Knowledge of the mystical properties of the shadow, darkness, illusion, stealth, spiritual transformation, parapsychology. 

Tower of Cressen – Knowledge of the use of ritual, history of totems and spirit animals, separation of mind and body, the symbolism  of spiders as models of survival

Tower of the Abyss – Knowledge of carnality, power, man's desire to seek the unknown, humanity's primal nature, the evolution of the man and spirit

Tower of Stars – Knowledge of dragons in myth and culture, the symbolism of dragons, living as one with nature, the study of the elements, time and space, quantum theory

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