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Established in 1477. The Chains of the Abyss or as originally known “Lancok A Szakadek” were imparted upon a group of ascended magi who evoked The Ruling Blighted Lords and Ladies into the flesh to know their will and faithfully adhere to their mandates. Following is a transcription of the original principles they imparted. Eternally relevant and consistent in their wisdom. These are the words of The Nameless and The Blighted in extensive communion.

I. We never abandon our own.

II. To take The Blood Pact is to align your soul with darkness. You must never stray from the purity of the current. For to do so it to invite obliteration of the divine mantle. To do so is to invite spiritual expulsion.

III. One will never place themselves above the will of The Nameless and his aspects, The 13. Education is sacred and is valued over the selfish ambition always. To assure the purity of education is to remain in our grace. No information regarding the expressions of our current are unveiled to outsiders without leave from a Tower Master or the Ruling Elder. None are held in confidence outside of The Blood Pact.

IV. To betray your brethren is to betray the current. The bond of the spirit is eternal and grander than any bond Etheris is capable of producing. Purer than any false love of the untamed lust or emotional tyrant. Those of the pact are kin and cherished as our children. Conduct yourselves as a noble clan.

V. None shall be hidden of the student necessary for their evolution and none shall be demanded of the teacher which detracts from the purity of education. Mastery is earned through genuine effort. Rank is deliberated by communion with The Blighted through The Tower Heads. There are no rebuking of resonant mandates. Respect our hierarchy and remain faithful in our laws.

VI. All shall adhere to a discipline of mental, physical, and spiritual excellence. The higher your rank, the stricter your discipline. The more severe your punishment for embracing stagnation.

VII. No action shall be taken out of competition that besmirches the nobility of the current. Do what you will to thy enemy but stay thy hand to your brethren. No exceptions.

VIII. A Brother or Sister in need is accommodated for by those able to the extents that allow them to achieve self-sufficiency. None are abandoned and none are coddled.

IX. The character of the student is refined and patience is given if fault is recognized. It is the responsibility of the teacher to be a role model of nobility and maturity. To betray this is to lose the right to teach until we deem it otherwise.

X. The will of the current comes before the self. For the current is evolution unto fulfillment absolute. Have faith in our way and we will bestow you with the strength to overcome any obstacle.

XI. Training is to be recorded for review by those presiding over The Towers of Apotheosis.

XII. Devotion shall be made unto ones chosen Tower of Apotheosis expressed as that which raises the dominions and influence of the Blighted Lord or Lady.

XIII. Those of the current are with you to stem the tides of betrayal that would seek to leave you broken on the path to Apotheosis. Take heed, do not value those that do not value you.

XIV. To honor the current The Unholy Hours are to be celebrated with all revelry and abundance the Disciple is capable of giving.

XV. There is power in unity and as long as The Chains are adhered to, that no education is deterred, Disciples are encouraged to live in close proximity. However harmony and education comes before all mechanisms of the mundane.


An apostate is branded of those that betray the current. That betray the way of nobility and honor laid down by The Nameless and The Blighted. Through turning away from the path to Apotheosis. Breaking the vows of The Blood Pact. Rebuking the darkness and allowing themselves to succumb to the false light. For all is possible through the courts and allegiances of our current. Holding fast to willful ignorance. Seeking to harm and/or sabotage one of the current. Deterring education through selfish ambition. Corrupting the stability of the resonant in mind, body, spirit, or soul. Apostates are branded as The Blighted command. As the Tower Heads coordinate. None escapes justice regardless of rank, title, experience, or prestige. The faithless are not forgiven.

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