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Duties of the Disciple

You have earned your right to become a student. As a student it is your responsibility to pursue your education. Our strength is through the unified pursuit of refinement unto evolution. Regardless of rank this has remained consistent throughout every denomination of The Cabal throughout the planes. If you sit idly by you will remain idle in your education. If you do not heed the guidance that is given it will only cause you strife and turmoil. We fight for our Disciples however you cannot help someone that rebukes assistance.

Discipleship is a commitment to your path and Apotheosis. A path that will lift your eyes to the truth and liberate your spirit from ignorance. This must be understood by the Disciple as should what is necessary to mediate distraction that would thwart the purity of your education. This is why we make ourselves available always to those who pursue truly. Seek the truth despite yourself to find the core foundation of Apotheosis that is most conducive to your ascension. Do not allow your ambitions of the mundane to dilute your sight for all is possible through each Tower available. Only the genuine are eternal.
Consider the following pre-requisite disciplines to be able to achieve and thrive during your education. The multiverse is vast and all has a place within Maergzjirah. Be honest with yourself and your liberation shall unfold infallibly.
Strive for consistency in your ritual practices beyond that which would overburden you. Commune before your altar nightly in meditation, devotion, and/or ritual. Pay homage to The Nameless God regularly in prayer. Recite the Disciple's Oath daily,

Always remember that humility before the current is nobility within the current.

 Approach those that would guide your education with respect and you will earn respect in turn.

Hold fast to the current and rebuke all corrupt temptation that would deter you from The Nameless God, The Thirteen Blighted Lords and Ladies of Maergzirah, and their courts.

Heed the guidance of The Nameless God and The 13 for they see and know all which transpires throughout this organization. Justice is always manifested, as long as you strive truly you will be assured in your victory. The faithful are never forsaken.

Understand and adhere to The Chains of the Abyss and educational conduct that have been laid forth by The Nameless and The Blighted.

The only folly is refraining from asking questions. Strive genuinely and all which would scoff at you will be the fool.

Rebuke at every turn the conditioning of Etheris. Ailments of the character such as jealousy, impatience, self-destructive competition, and educational sabotage are not tolerated.

Consider always the trials necessary to attain enlightenment. Those who are successful do not portray arrogance or self-deception. Only faith in the way and those that have forged the path. It is this faith that will free you. We come together for those that fight for their Apotheosis.


E.A.G.M. Astra

Author of Eye of the Oracle

"Master your faith, and the world is yours."

E.A.G.M. Raszarith

"Too many Disciples come to the Void, thinking this is where they belong. As they desire to astral project or achieve Void Mind. What they overlook is that they need these fundamental skills in all Towers. If given the opportunity to follow their spirit, they would come to gain similar, more fitting spiritual talents. In a Tower that their ascended spirit calls to."

Master Muldegrin

Editor of R13

"There is always a solution, have we the fortitude to seek it."

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