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***UPDATE 4/05/2020***

As of today, the majority of the literature for the Temple has been sold out. The only copies that can be found are being sold for hundreds and hundreds of dollars. It is unfortunate that our previous AGM has removed the knowledge and information that our Blighted Lords and Ladies allowed for him to bring to us all. Though many of us here are authors, if the Blighted Lords and Ladies allow us to bring information out and publish it, they are allowing us to work as a channel for the current as a whole. The information channeled through us isn't ours, as we don't own the Blighted Lords and Ladies. I know that for amny of you coming here to learn, this is a difficult time with the lack of literature. My suggestion to you us to use what you have available. Some members have shared pictures, screen shots, or even outright PDF's of the Grimoires listed below. Please know that we have many Grimoire planned, some nearly done. We are attempting to get this information out to you as soon as possible. Know that in the future, the Publishing wing of the Temple will hold the Copywrites to all published material, making sure that this will never happen again. Once again, we are all extremely sorry for this situation, and are working to get it fixed. 

Thank you for your understanding, 

The Black Council


— Somnus Dreadwood

The Black Magick Grimoire and perfect primer for Disciples of the Left Hand Path. Archdemons, their magickal dominions, infernal spellcraft, necromancy, abjuration and protection magicks, curses and hexes, blood pacts, planar gates, evocations, invocations, black oneiromancy, the conjuration of unspeakable horrors, mystic shields, and secrets of abysmal might are finally transcribed from the original text and mouth of Cernobog.


Taking directly from the Patriarch of the Cabal, Sybastien Drujziya's personal grimoire and with special Cabal additions, this is a grand primer into the various magicks of the Maergzjiran Cabal's Temple. There is even an introduction to working with the Kanahrahan and vile magick, which is given for the first time in any written format. Further detail is accounted regarding the Maergzjiran Cabal's methods of magickal execution and techniques for mastery. The Black Scriptures is a definitive black magick grimoire and must-have for all Disciples of the Left Hand Path.

Those who have taken the time to understand the magicks of Maergzjirah have discovered for themselves a powerful path of spirituality that leads down the Dark Path toward apotheosis and self-mastery.


CHARNEL WHISPERS: Mastery of Necromancy, Death & Undeath

— Somnus Dreadwood

Exhuming the dreadful powers of the Underworld, Charnel Whispers explores the Maergzjiran Cabal's path of necromancy in a pathworking format designed to guide the Disciple through his or her rites from the basic composition of the death essence fully into becoming a Leiche (Lich); masterfully weaving aspects of death and undeath with ease, controlling the most intimate and destructive of energies known to mankind. Such topics covered are: what it means to be a Necromancer, sylvan necromancy, conjuring various agents of the Underworld, reanimating the dead, controlling the death essence, death curses, grave familiars, Spirits of Keraktes, construction and animation of the golem, and undead apotheosis.


Written by the Master of the Tower of Atrophy, Charnel Whispers enlightens the soul in various means. Of these, the most potent and crucial is that of using "whispers". The Cabal's utilization of whispers almost fully removes the need for ritual components in all manner of rites. Using the most carnal and spiritually powerful parts of the Disciple's soul, all arts of necromancy are manifested before you.


EYE OF THE ORACLE: The Cabal Grimoire of Psychic Magick

— Somnus Dreadwood

Delving into the mysterious realm of of psionic power, the Grandmaster of the Maergzjiran Cabal, Somnus Dreadwood explains the works of psychic magick as would be taught to the Disciple ascending the Tower of the Void. It covers everything from basic meditations to the absolute transformation as an Eye of the Oracle; an individual who has mastered these magnificent and expansive arts.


Such topics covered are meditation, remote viewing, telepathy, aura reading, divination and clairvoyance, Voidwalking, psychometabolic augmentation, the use of intention as a weapon, mantras, mudras, kuji-in-like energy channeling, servants of the astral plane, traveling beyond the mortal plane, transcending the flesh, a built-in void journal, and more. As a Cabal Grimoire, it is broken down by book to guide the Disciple from beginning to end as would be taught in the Maergzjiran Cabal's Tower of the Void.


THE LEFT HAND: The Cabal Grimoire of Walking in Darkness

— Somnus Dreadwood

The Left Hand is both a grimoire that breaks down the rites and spells of many commonly sought after foci for those who come to the mystic path as it also details working with Demons and Spirits, accounts the exile of the Blighted Lords, exposes the truth of the Judeo-Chrisitian-Islamic hypocrisy, heresy, mass murder, and control beside the governmental tyranny and religious profiling that is plaguing walkers of the Old Ways. This tome has some of Somnus Dreadwood’s personal philosophies about the political/social/religious state of the world and with the loss of freedoms how our sect of the spiritual spectrum will soon be targeted by another new Inquisition. This tome also details his communications between Cernobog, Satan, Asmodeus, and Zazazel. Herein given is the component formula and vampiric ritual that he used to save his father's life.


At the end, we have the rites of self-initiation into the Nigrum Ecclesia Gehennae; a universal body of Disciples of the Left Hand Path who are joining across the planes to fight the corruption and blight that is the JCI in Etheris and which takes other forms in other planes. There is also given the details of invoking the powers of many ancient Demons, the methods of spiritual assassination, walking through unseen and guarded paths, and reaching apotheosis via magickal mastery and immortal invocation.


PROFANE SEALS: A Compendium of Vile Sigil Magick, Vol. I

— Somnus Dreadwood

Profane Seals presents to you a new series of rituals and techniques focused around the utilization of sigils for nearly every purpose imaginable. Each book of the grimoire discusses new outlets for calling forth Demons, Fallen Angels, Spirits, Draelith, Ancient Spirits, the Old Spirits, Draconic Gods, the Undead, familiars, servitors, and personal attending demonic spirits; firing off godly powers of light, dark, and all things in between: healing to causing death, invoking supernatural powers, opening planar gateways, contacting spirits, seals of necromantic might, possession, abysmal and carnal magicks, and much more.


With literally hundreds of sigils and their individuals uses explained alongside the magickal techniques for unleashing the powers of the seals, you have an amazingly potent book of magick now in your hands.


RITES IN THE THIRTEEN TONGUES: An Intimate Sojourn Into Maergzjirah

— Somnus Dreadwood

Enter the thirteen planar domains of Maergzjirah to delve into the magicks and mysteries of the Blighted Lords’ most profane arts. Over 170 individual rites are explained; each pertaining to the ferocity and mastery of all of the Spirits and Demons who make up the hierarchy of Maergzjirah. Learn the methods of demonic invocation, destroy life and create it, animate the dead and shadows alike, control disease and create immunity through spiritual prowess, conjure and command legions of demons and be a walking arsenal of magickal power that spans into every aspect of life and magickal-spiritual mastery. Within this sacred tome, you will find an arsenal of occult wisdom and power.


Taking years to complete, it is in its final stage, according to the Black God, Cernobog, “the Etherian world’s most powerful grimoire.” Therefore, utilizing the works in this grimoire will undoubtedly bring about cataclysmic awareness, abysmal might and perfect knowing. The very essence of the Absolute is in your hands. Use it well and give rise to your kingdom through the limitless force and authority found within these pages.


SPHERES OF DEVASTATION: Unchained Sorcery of the Realms

— Somnus Dreadwood

Spheres of Devastation accounts for a masterful soul journey into planar dimensions which run parallel to our own, connecting to the Maergzjiran current. As sorcery is also abundant in these realms, common rites native to each of these individual planes have been documented for use along with the application of connecting your ritual space to the energetic cores of these alternate dimensions. Within this grimoire, you will find rites previously found only in the realms beyond our own. The means to open the Dark Gate, and other associated planes is contained herein. Learn how to channel the planar energies, and unleash 39 rituals unique to the realms.


Prepare to manifest sorcery unlike any other as you step through the Dark Gate into the Spheres of Devastation. Much of what is found within these pages is considered black magick, with an unapologetic focus on destruction, curses, and rites to control others. Some rituals are quite the opposite, with applications aimed at healing, empowering one's spiritual senses, and maintaining spiritual resonance with the spirits the sorcerer is aligned with. You will not find any love for the JCI, or Judeo-Christian-Islamic concepts, or its breed of mysticism; celestial powers, or angelic alliance within these pages either, as the works contained in this book are decidedly estranged from that aspect of occult practice.


If you are looking for a direct and to-the-point grimoire focused on genuinely harnessing power without regard or remorse for others, then this is definitely for you.



— Var Von Brennos

Sanctioned and approved Cabal literature from Master of Atrophy, Var Von Brennos. In this expanded and revised grimoire, one learns how to take command of a necropolis, form an army of spirits, invoke powers of undeath, and claim one's place as the Gravelord; the undisputed master of that death field. Var Von Brennos, has also authored the widely popular vampiric grimoire, "Liber Hirudo: The Book of the Leech".

This volume is hardcover and limited to 100 copies. All ordered copies will include a very special enchanted talisman that bolsters the individual's control of the death essence; granting great command over spirits on your personal quest toward becoming a Gravelord.



In this section you will find upcoming work from a multitude of authors. Most of the authors here will be Tower Masters, or the work being published will be authorized by the publishing wing of the Temple. If you wish to have your work examined for a possible future publication, reach out to the publishing side of the Temple. No set dates for publishing the information below is available, as things can change. The important thing is that quality work ends up in the hands of the readers. 


- Cain Sarial

This work was crafted with people new, and old to the craft. those who have a teacher, a mentor, and those who don't. this Grimoire has been designed from the group up to help you reach your potential, and actually be able to work within your chosen Tower of Apotheosis. If you were to concider the Towers of Apotheosis graduate schoo, the work required to get to that point is still quite large. This Grimoire takes you to the point of truly being able to understand, and utlize what it is you are learning within your chosen Tower. Not only that, but it will also help you to decide what Tower is right for you, and provide you with a lot of information on this current in general. Though this isn't something that has to be read and worked through before starting with your chosen tTower, do think of Sorcerery much like going to the gym. You have magickal muscles that must be developed before anything else. This is why so many people have trouble with summoning and actually manifesting something to physical sight, you have to have the developed "muscles", so to speak. This Grimoire will help you do just that. 

  • 20 Special Editions - Ensouled Binding (Leather Bound), Clamshell Box, Additional Information (only this version will have said information, and the information from the Deluxe Edition), and a special Talisman. Price - 800.00 USD

  • 30 Deluxe Editions - Ensouled Binding (Leather Bound), and Additional Information) 500.00 USD

  • 100 Cloth Editions - Cloth bound in very durable material. 200.00 USD


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