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The Maergzjiran Cabal has a history of revelry regarding the celebration of
newborn infants with the Dark Gift, the demise of enemies, the birth of new
Disciples, and the Ascension. These observances began during the 1120’s and have continued through the ages to the modern day. Some dates have been added due to their significance to the Drujziya family, the Maergzjiran Cabal, and to mages throughout the planes. On this holiday fertility rites to bless and protect children and family are done on this day with the Tower of whispers and the Tower's of blood during this day the children of disciples and Tower Masters inherit the abilities of their parent's and are blessed by Maergjirah spirits this ia to ensure each generation of sorcerers become stronger without having to endure the year's of training most become capable of weilding their parent's Tower Magick through thought alone it is important to teach them how to wield their blessings.

February 27, 1198
Recorded in Cabal history as the date when Zazazel Ascended, and
successfully transfigured from his mortal flesh into a being of undeath and
necromantic magick. This date also celebrates the dead, the undead, and the spirits
of Keraktes. Offerings of blood, milk, bread, and fruit are left for the spirits.
Mages call to one another, “Hail Keraktes!” or “Hail the dead!” as greetings. On this holiday it is commonly used to enpower Transfiguration sorcery through conjuring Zazazel he knows the works of the Tower him and his legionnaire's are easier to conjure during this time as well he can often be summoned to full manifestation and will offer the secrets of changing the mortal vessel to suit the magicks of each Tower.

May 16, 1440
On this day, it was confirmed that by Sybastien Drujziya’s dark magicks,
a deathmark had been placed on the soul of Fra Giacomo - the Supreme Inquisitor
of the Austrian/Hungarian Inquisition. On this holiday each disciple is augmented their black magicks are empoweres under the Tower of pain, Iron Throne, and Tower of Atrophy this is a wonderful holiday for death magicks, assassination magicks for the elimination of rivals and their spirit's as each baneful working is empowered if an enemy is cursed during this time Maergjirah is known to bless it's disciples with knowledge, power, wealth we also found that during this time we are heavily protected by the spirit's allowing us to work without worry the alignment that occurs during this day will never be used against us.

August 9, 1421
The birth of Sybastien Drujziya which eventually led to the formation of
the Cabal and the Ascension of mages. During this time creativity organization plans are empowered the mind is altered by Tower of Secrets the Lady Illkeserod blessed all disciples with knowledge retention and the ability to fateweave their plans through thought.

October 31 - November 1
Acknowledgment of Pagan Magi in celebration of Samhain.

October 26 - November 6, 1109
Known by the Maergzjiran Cabal as the Season of the Wtich, this time is
celebrated as the time when the first Blood Pact was made with Cernobog and the bridge was formed between the mages of this plane and the Archdemons, their Legions,
and the forces of Maergzjirah. Brothers and Sisters will acknowledge one another by saying, “Hail the dark(ness)!” or “Hail ye/we witches!” as formal greetings.

Hour of Infernal Darkness
Not actually an hour, but rather three hours between midnight and the
third hour of night. These hours specifically are named during the Season of the Witch. They have been accepted to be used regularly to signify that block of time on any particular night. They do however hold greater power during the Season
of the Witch. During this time our magicks are known to be strongest and our spirit's more powerful additionally the veil and uts guardian's are weaker as they are a form of celestial being who try to maintain order and prevent certain forms of magicks from manifesting such as transfiguration rites or acts of grand necromancy during the daylight hours this is usually an ideal time to work for important rites to ensure their manifestation.

November 15, 1439
Celebrated as the date of Ascension. Known by the Maergzjiran Cabal
as the Hour of the Black God, it is a day of self-praise and self-honor. Mages
typically revel, have grand feasts, and acknowledge each’s magickal pursuits and
accomplishments. On this day, mages regard each other by saying, “Grand Ascent!”

December 18, 1436
The date of second Blood Pact made between the Drujziya and the Black
God. This was the date recorded that Sybastien Drujziya took on the blood of
Cernobog and swore a second vow and chose to rebuild the Drujziya.

December 21 - 25
Acknowledgment of Pagan Sorcerers in celebration of Yule To the
Maergzjiran Cabal, the winter solstice, which falls on December 21 is a day of
darkness and is believed that the planar gates are weakened and the threads of
the planes are entwined, which allows for empowered magicks to be performed.
Brothers and Sisters commonly regard one another by saying, “Dark days!”,
“Grand Solstice!”, or “Well met in shadow!” On this holiday it is normal for disciplea and Masters to take sojourn into the Black Gate and explore the realm where their patrons or patroness reside and learn from them if they have earned during this time the spirits will perform rites over the diaciple or master flesh and pact with them naming them as "Source born" often giving the disciple or Master their true name of power, seal and instructing them on the newly resin god they've become and how to navigate etheris safely.

Infernal blessings brother's and sisters!

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