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Ranks and Duties​​

If life is warfare what do you believe eternity has to offer? In this, we can fathom the importance of rank and hierarchy within Maergzjirah. It is dominance in the arts of adaptation that assure victory in the management of eternity. Without hierarchy, there is no coordination. For structure in the cultivation of an immortal existence is what separates the weak from the strong. The Black City is similar to what would be understood as a Type 3 Civilization in Etheris through the measurements of the Kardeshev Scale. Holding authority in such a conglomerate of multiversal might is only done through immeasurable self-discipline and constant refinement of the existence. Following are the ranks, expectations, and duties that can only be earned by those devoted to the might and purity of the current.​

The Curious

You have heard the call of The Blighted and are interested in learning more. You seek out information about The Cabal. You procure and investigate our public works, review our YouTube videos. You communicate with us through this site or our Facebook page.


You have discerned that you wish to learn more about the Cabal. You may have joined our Facebook group, or are corresponding with the Cabal in private. You continue to work through our public works and begin to dedicate your workings to the current. As a final step and proof of your dedication to the current, you have performed at least one of the blood pacts and have formally applied to become a member of the organization.



If we have accepted your petition, once accepted as a postulate, the road becomes much more difficult, and you will be expected to show continued work, dedication, and development before being finally accepted as an outer disciple. During this time, this is the process of spiritual discernment The Black Council undergoes to determine the validity as well as the value of your admissions. By majority vote and communion based deliberation prospective Outer Disciples are accepted or denied admittance.


Outer Disciple

The dawn of your education

As you begin to understand the discipline which will lay the foundation of your Apotheosis. You are observed by other educators in your ability to isolate, address, and refine inconsistencies in the existence that would inhibit you. Perfection is not expected however an ambition to strive for it purely is. Taking responsibility for your education through consistent devotion to your foundational material and regular correspondence with those that would guide you will be integral.


Devotion is not true until it endures trial


During your time as an Outer Disciple, you will be proving yourself with 6 months of studious work. Committing yourself to choosing a mentor, Tower of Apotheosis to ascend, as well as a main Patron/ess to learn from spiritually in the refinement of your existence. You understand your educational ambitions well. Understand that you must strive for independence throughout your ascension without undue isolation which would inhibit. You appreciate that academic co-dependence is not promoted nor tolerated. We lead unto self-sufficiency in the destruction of weakness. Information is earned, not demanded. Your mediums of learning are derived during this process to most efficiently serve you in the refinement of self unto the exaltation of spirit.


We offer all of the tools necessary for the Disciple to thrive. Your Apotheosis is as an unsolved puzzle. It is up to you to put the pieces together with the resources and educators here to assure its realization is not corrupted.​ Before being accepted deeper into the Cabal you should have met with, in person, your teacher or have attended a Coven or gathering in person.




Discovering your eternity


​Your education is your responsibility. At this stage, you have a teacher, a Tower, and a Patron/ess to guide you. You have your introductory material and must work with the instruction that is given as well as the resources available. Thriving is the removal of distractions to evolution in the microcosm that they may be addressed in the macrocosm with finality. Victory is forged through devotion to resonance and earned through persistence in refinement. Degrees are attained by the discretion of  The Tower Master/Mistress. Only by the approval of the EAGM.​


Your responsibilities include:​


  • Devotion to cultivating a lifestyle of personal excellence which leads you to conquer all detriments to your Apotheosis

  • Commitment to Tower specific path-working

  • Regular correspondence with your mentor

  • Regular communion with your main Patron/ess to assist in spiritual retention and the purity of education​


Ranks vs. Degrees

Ranks within The Cabal denote overall responsibility within The Current. Degrees denote proficiency within the workings of your Tower. 



The value of mastery


You have been deemed fit to embody a pursuit of refinement that you may teach others without debilitation of self. You know the importance of self-sufficiency unto an immortal existence; Existential independence in the interest of unified might. At this stage, you are able to commune with The Blighted and proven yourself to place their guidance above your ambition through the faith you have cultivated. In overcoming the trials they have set forth for you to conquer. This rank is the embodiment of deep respect of the current and great caution in expressing that which will mold the new generation of Disciples truly. You strive always to become an example of Spiritual Maturity and Infernal Nobility. The responsibilities of the Disciple are self-sustaining natural pursuits for you. You are able to refine your education by the guidance of The Blighted directly.


The honor of becoming a teacher within the current is one earned through devotion. We understand in refining our existences through discipline to the way that it is not the title which makes us who we are but the nobility we embody in adherence to the refined ideal we strive to become.


It is the duty of the Adept to guide the Outer Disciple alongside others. Familiarize yourself with their manners of spiritual comprehension and accommodate their learning process with honor. Guide prospective Disciples in manners most conducive to academic achievement. Show them the fruits of your labor and the prowess of your Patron/ess through your conduct in education. You will strive to embody the expression of your Tower of Apotheosis through all areas of your life, for at this point it will begin to become a naturally occurring expression of yourself.


Adepts must have a phylactery that they have incorporated into their spiritual discipline.




Freedom from definition


Authority falls short in hands of those that do not appreciate its cultivation. This rank is only attained by the directive of The Blighted. Becoming the head of a Tower is always placing the ambitions of The Tower before the self. In this, we nurture the faith we have forged with The Lords and Ladies of that Tower who guide us to fulfillment in honorable service. To become a Master or Mistress makes you a member of The Black Council. Refine yourself through the education of The Blighted and your rites of ascension shall grace you to comprehend how you have molded yourself to overcome the boundaries of mortality. We strive always to become the perfected ideal of our divine ambition. As our Patron/ess would see it developed. That upon the time of seizing our throne and killing the divine adversary our rule is not corrupted; Our dominions eternally mighty.


You are responsible for the progression and exaltation of The Tower of Apotheosis you lead. You are responsible for resonantly educating all who seek it of the current without deterring the duty or education of any. You are a living extension of your Lord or Lady in the flesh. To lead a Tower is to always perform what is best for the progression of that Tower. If there is not a solution. Find or make one. Victory or defeat is on your shoulders. At this point you know well the divine adversary you must destroy, at this point, you infallibly seize absolute mastery of the existence that you may transcend it and walk beyond Etheris to learn directly from your Lord or Lady. The responsibilities of this rank encompass the duties of placing always the prosperity of the current first. That your ascension is forged through the sacrifice and devotion you have expressed in the exaltation of the divine education you have received. You will be responsible for composing and expressing path-working. For being the voice of your Lord or Lady and bringing honor to their reign through your time in Etheris. To embrace the ambitions of your Tower as your own is to become the ambitions of your eternity. For when the Master or Mistress is called to continue their duty beyond the planes it is because they left the current stronger and purer than when they entered it.

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