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Imperator Amphereous

  • Roles

    • Master of Whispers

    • Hellfire Priest

    • Church of Gehenna Initiate

    • Priest of Lasciviousness

  • Contact

    • Personal Website:

    • Services and Relics:

    • Email:


By the grace of The Nameless,

My name is Amphereous. I have resonated with spirituality since I have been a very young child. Over the years, I turned away from the darker pagan dabblings of my youth and became a Christian due to a traumatic upbringing by an abusive, alcoholic mother. For many years I attempted to walk the walk but just couldn't do so (even while carrying two pastoral licenses as an Apostolic Pentecostal). In time, the thoughts that had plagued me won and I returned to my roots and sought out a Goddess, for that is what my heart longed for. Early, upon my return, I embraced Northern Heathenry. I was immediately fascinated by the power of the Futharks and quickly became a Rune Master (Vitki). Also fascinated with darker forces I called upon Azazel successfully and begun seeking a darker path. I was introduced to The Blighted Lords and Ladies through the teachings of the Maergzjiran Cabal and would feel the calling to the Tower of Whispers shortly thereafter. Looking back on my past life I clearly see the hand of my dear Lady Eldraath upon me. All of whom I am and have been has shaped me for my present journey. I would be thrilled to assist you in your search for the deeper mysteries of this often misunderstood Tower.


Hla'i Szha'i Larah and the Crimson Order!

‭‭In proud and humble service,



Eldraath, The Pale Mother

Shala-m'soul, Mistress of the Possessed Legion

Hezryn, The Lord of Forked Tongues


  • Szha'i Laran Sorcery

  • Healing emotional trauma

  • Comprehension and manipulation of the heart

  • Ritualizing the mundane

  • Seals, Sigils, and Bindrunes

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