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Imperator Cain, The Grand Lich


By the grace of The Nameless,

My name is Cain Sarial, I'm a Master of The Tower of Atrophy. I have been practicing for the better part of two decades, with a focus that has generally always been around Death Magick and Necromancy, as well as Demonology (though not the RHP variation). This has brought me to the study of ancient Egyptian magick, and then to the study of Vodun (while I lived in New Orleans). I continued to read, practice, and study everything that I could on the subject of Death Magick, and Necromancy. The concept that the soul could be changed through Transfiguration was something that always interested me, and a focus of mine. 


I found to the Temple of The Maergzjiran in 2012, and it struck a cord in my soul. I knew that moment that I had found what I had been looking for. I have been working in the Tower of Atrophy ever since then, working mainly with my Patron Zazazel, though I do work with Imordicoth from time to time. I have learned so much from Zazazel, so much that I don't know if I could ever put it all into words. I worked through the rites of Lichdom, having transfigured my soul to that of a Lich. I am currently working through the rites of Arch Lichdom, my next stage of Apotheosis. I specialize in Infernal Necromantic Soul Transfiguration, as taught to me direction by Zazazel himself. I also specialize in Divination, using a variety of different forms, though I do prefer to stick to Tossing Bones. 

‭‭Infernal Blessings, 



Lord Zazazel

Website Co-Editor and Business Liaison


  • Grimoire Craftsman

  • Infernal Necromantic Soul Transfiguration

  • Divination

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