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Imperator Calisandra

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    • Tower Mistress of Atrophy

    • Banshee Queen Silren

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By the grace of The Nameless,

I started on this path a little over 7 years ago after I had met my mentor by chance and then learned about The Cabal a year later at our first coven after I had started to learn basic sorcery. I immediately felt a strong pull towards the Tower of Atrophy and have been working through this tower ever since. I officially became a disciple after our third coven and began working solely in Atrophy. And about three years ago, after gathering the sigils for the new patrons/patronesses, I became an Imperator.

I also specialize in sigil making and am more than willing to help anyone who may be struggling with making them. I always look forward on this path and keep a quote from Lord Zazazel in the front of my mind; "Trauma breeds growth".

In proud and humble service,



Lady Silrin


  • Atrophy

  • Banshee Queen Silrin

  • Sigil Crafting

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