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Imperator Kieranzoth

  • Roles

    • Imperator of the Tower of Cressen

    • Hybrid of the Tower of Iron Throne

    • Nightmare Brothers of  Maergzjirah

    • BlackGuard

    • Warden of the Web


By the grace of The Nameless,

Greetings Brethren, I began my journey in the world of sorcery roughly seven years ago. It began soon after Lucifer visited me in the Oneiro. Infected now with the insatiable thirst for truth, I sought out various tomes on Goetic sorcery, demonolatry and Luciferian magick. Through the course of this initial experimentation, I began to learn much about myself and the world around me. The mechanisms of the Etherian veil started being revealed - feeding my immense hatred for the JCI. My thirst for knowledge could not be sated through the studies of these various left-hand path traditions, and strongly believed that there was something yet still hidden.


During the summer of 2019, I stumbled across a forum posting of an image of the book Profane Seals. I was instantly pulled in by its cover. My curiosity pushed me to do some research and I began to seek out more information. After watching videos from EAGM’s, I knew I had finally found what my soul had been yearning for.


I promptly began laying my foundations, performing initiatory rites and learning more about the Blighted Lords and Ladies until I was eventually called by Lady Illivryn to rise through The Tower of Cressen. Through all these inhumane trials I was able to discern my True Will and, upon being made Imperator, was appointed by Lord Cernobog to lead the Tower of Iron Throne. It has been an absolute honor to serve and grow alongside my brethren, and I am ever grateful to the Blighted for raising me up from the pit of ignorance and leading me back to the source.


“Let the seeds of darkness planted bear the fruits of the wicked”


H’lai Maergzjirah. Adulas Akreoth


- Kieranzoth





Lord Cernobog

Lord Cullvaranos

Lady Maziirah

Lady Illivryn and her Court of Draelith


  • Vampirism/Blood Sorcery

  • Sacrificial Curses

  • Spiritual Bondage

  • Stealth

  • Protection

  • Demonic Lycanthropy

  • Infernal Astromagia

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