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Imperator Zeemora

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Tower Mistress of Stars



By the grace of The Nameless,

Hello, my name is Zeemora. Before I even started on this path I was always drawn to the Elements and Cosmic energy. Ever since I was little, I had nightmares that never stopped. I would always find myself running away in different places from things trying to get me, that I've never seen before or been. I originally was working with only four elemental kings, and I realized I had a knack for astral travel when I pursued my spiritual path when I was with them. My mentor, who always watched over me, was so powerful and knowledgeable that I wanted to be just as grand at my practice as he. My mentor, through his dedication, has changed his life and I wanted to further my practice with no restrictions.


I've always felt one with the elements, when I'm there I feel most powerful. I already knew what tower I wanted to go to because I feel it's been calling me for years. When I did my blood pact in my room six years ago, I felt it for the first time the energy that I could never feel. And all the beings there watching me take the oath. And that night for the first time I dreamt, that at the bottom there was a beautiful purple dragon in the water where I was standing. As it was sleeping, I walked near it, and it opened its eyes and looked at me. It moved its wings and showed a door that led to a tower. When I got in, there was a celebration, but I wasn't fixated on it. And so, I climbed the tower. There were obstacles in my path. People and other things I've seen some fall down the stairs as well. But I had made it to the top. And there were four pillars each representing the elements. Since then, I no longer had nightmares and now I can go where I want without being attacked or chased. It felt like I was being called home. So, when I had the chance of being a part of this Current, I took it without hesitation, because I knew that it would bring my magic and myself to a higher state of consciousness.


This current helped me face all the Woe and obstacles that were in my path. Thinking about it always bring me tears of joy, it might not be as grand, but it meant a lot to me that the blighted and my tower were always with me. Every heartache from being used by someone I loved, to losing the very home that I worked so hard to get with working with the spirits. And just allowing others to extinguish the flame that burned inside me. Through the blighted and the lords and ladies and my mentor, they gave me strength when I was so broken down. They never gave up on me and I will never give up on them. They took out all the woe and taught me to be stronger.


And through Tower of Stars, I am able to truly understand and harness all the essence that makes up the vast Cosmos. The desire to become more. The drive to free me and answer the call I would still be living for others.


I'm here to assist if you seek out the Tower of Stars.


In proud and Humble service,


Patron: Lord Daganyn 


Elemental Manipulation

Lucid Dreaming

Astral Travel

Draconic Magick

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