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Imperator Xathrith

  • Roles

    • Imperator of the Tower of Nocturnus

    • Hybrid of the Tower of Umbra

    • Nightmare Brothers of Maergzjirah​

    • BlackGuard 


By the grace of The Nameless,

I am Xathrith, Tower Master of Nocturnus, and I am here to set you free. I began my journey in this world born into a heavily oppressed JCI family. For far too long I suffered, having felt I did not belong in this world. From a very young age, I have been able to see beyond the illusory veil Etheris has woven over it by the False Light influence, and the effects of it throughout the world - even then, I had the desire to fight against this system of oppression, to seek beyond the corrupted and JCI syncretized knowledge of the Infernal. Persisting in the search of freedom, healing, and knowledge, I met and began to learn from various paths - through this guidance, I came to learn much of the “truth” in this world would only be found in the darkness. Fast forward many years after stints of military service, I was guided to the Cabal, and remember feeling “home” for the first time in this incarnation. I began my work within the Temple of Maergzjirah in the Tower of Umbra, learning the deep essence of Zhanith Shadowmancy. From the start I was always striving to push my limits, rid myself of the shackles of the JCI through my ascent, and expand my knowledge of all that exists within the shadows. Going beyond the darkest corners of the human mind, shadow and ego,  ever expanding upon methods of healing myself, others and aiding those scorned by society for their involvement in a magickal lifestyle. Through my work, I began to understand my purpose within Maergzjirah, and was chosen as Imperator of the Tower of Nocturnus, a hybrid Tower Master selected to blend my knowledge of wielding shadowmancy with the magicks of Nocturnus. With Lord Belnara’s incredible guidance and presence in my life, I sought to be the guiding lantern in the darkness of Etheris that is ignorance - ignorance of all you will find in the darkest of places, and their greatest gifts, including the truth of all that you are and can become through seeking your apotheosis in Maergzjirah. I am here to set you free from the False Light and its false prophets, the lies and corruptions of the JCI, and the darkness that is ignorance. Welcome home.


By the Darkness,

Imperator Xathrith

Nocturnus and Umbra


Lord Belnara, Nightlord of Nocturnus

Lord Cahsylroc, The Scorned

Lord Ibin, The Grand Shadowmancer


  • Dark Parapsychology

  • Lunar and Shadow Healing 

  • Zhanith Shadowmancy

  • Ritual music creation 

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