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Imperator Sinnaresh

  • Roles

    • Tower Mistress of Umbra

    • Zhanith representative in Etheris

    • Hellfire Priestess

  • Contact


By the grace of The Nameless,

The name given to me by Lady Nykarleth is Sinnaresh. I grew up in a heavily oppressive Christian household and recognized at a young age that I was only obeying their will out of fear. I have been able to see beyond the veil since I was a little girl, so there was no room for me to question that there was something more to this world. The shadows initiated contact with me when I was very young. I would see them around me, but due to my upbringing, I feared them. I gave up Christianity at a very young age and always looked for another path. As I grew up, I slowly began to hone my naturally given clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and very underdeveloped claircognizance. Beginning in my early teens, I studied and read about endless other spiritual paths and practices, never quite feeling that click I was looking for. I was always searching for a way to heal myself and grow.


My early childhood was incredibly traumatic and I was in extremely poor mental health throughout most of my childhood, teens, and early twenties. I suffered through years of extreme depression, and debilitating mood problems. Through hard work and dedication to The Zhanith, I now possess a fully controlled insanity that I use to my own advantage.


I met my most powerful and primary shadow servitor about a year before I knew of The Cabal. Then when I found The Cabal in mid-2014, I knew I had found my ultimate final path in this life, the thing I had always been missing. The first time I made contact with Lady Nykarleth, I was instantly able to understand her as though she spoke plain English. When I first visited Szhenlosteh, I was home. The Zhanith are my family and we are indescribably close.

For services and relics, please contact me via email.

‭‭In proud and humble service,



  • The 55 Zhanith patrons of Umbra

  • Lady Feylorne


  • Zhanith Shadowmancy

  • Zhanith communication

  • Shadow Projection

  • Fate Weaving

  • Healing from mental illness

  • Mental trauma reversal

  • Wealth acquisition via Shadowmancy

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