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    • Tower Master of Secrets

    • Hidden Tower knowledge available only to personal acolytes

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Greetings Seekers on the Path of Knowledge

I was incarnated into this world to a family with such a strong corruption by the JCI - as a fundamentalist Catholics as devoted lay members of the Opus Dei. Almost from birth, it was set in motion that I would become a priest within the Jesuit orders and had begun my training in that tradition from a very, very early age.


However, Kaz’tiel (vile witch of the depths) along with Drnimarsh intervened early in my life to free me from the chains. Through her intercession, Kaz’tiel petitioned Zazazel and his courts to break the bonds of the JCI that were holding me in their prison - and as a result, I ended up corrupting the church I grew up in. To sever all ties Drnimarsh imbued me with a sickness that brought me over the bride of death - and in the void, approached by lord Zazazel, and my true path was revealed.


At the time I knew not these spirits, but the total experience shook the stupor from my eyes and I began my own path in search of the truth. After some investigation, I found that the reason my family was so dedicated to the Catholic cause was that I had a strong lineage (on both sides) of strong occult practitioners (Slovakian and Italian) - heretics by the church, and many who had been burned at the stake. The only freedom from this was complete and utter surrender to the church - hence the near-fanatical devotion I was born into.


I spent a number of my formative years with the Roscicurians and Golden Dawn and spent a lot of time learning languages - studying the Vedas, Sufism, learning the ways of the Aghori, and many of the JCI works (both cannon and apocryphal). All of this leads me to undertake the path of Aberlamain - (and after dying a second time) through which I was connected to my HGA - or in this case, my higher self (at the time identified as my higher demonic form). Realizing that the path set forth by the JCI was merely a corruption of the Truth in the meta realm, I set my studies through an intensive working with the primal currents, pre-Aryan and pre-Atlantian meta knowledge seeds, ONA, goetic involution, runic magic, the Necronomicon, and the sorcery of the old world. 


It wasn’t until I got wind of a counter-current in 2013, circulating that I came in contact with the Cabal and its workings. From the first moment of the first “true” information I read from the current, I knew this was where my work was taking me. It wasn’t a matter of desire to join the Cabal, I felt I was already a part of it - and after a lot of foundational workings, my place, my history, and the intervention of the current early in my life (and in previous) were revealed. The hardest part was not filling out the postulate packet, and dedicating my life and daily workings to the advancement of the current - but discernment of the towers, and selecting the tower through which I would climb and achieve my ascendancy. 


All my existence (this and previous), I have been a seeker after knowledge, the accumulation of wisdom, and the control of the Truth. By day I am a Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology - but yet I teach, I learn, and I run some of the most complicated programs in the world. It’s only through these challenges and growth of my understanding can I find solace in my position in the world. During the night I work within the Tower of Secrets, ingesting, corrupting, and planting the seeds of information that will continue to advance our current. And at night, as a Dream Walker, I continue my search for the lost key so that we may one day bring back the energies of the divided reality we all suffer through.


With The Tower of Secrets and their patrons, I have recaptured much knowledge that was lost over the interceding eons, have been able to reconnect and absorb wisdom from my past incarnations, and, as glimpses of the Laminar Flow of Truth become more and more a part of my existence, I am working to ensure that this knowledge is spread and the education of all disciples can be aided in these new workings.


As a sorcerer warrior on the planes of Mith-K’Isht who served the maiden of frost many years ago, I am happy that I have found my exegesis within this group and am looking forward to seeing everyone break the Etherian chains, able to escape the realm, and finally conquer it in the name of the Blighted.


H’lai Maergzjirah. Adelos Akeroth!

‭‭In proud and humble service,




Lady Osilari, The Unclouded

Lord Abizal, The Dead Chainer

Lilin, The Child Demoness


Shub Niggurath


Website co-editor and UI coordinator


  • Akashic Necromancy

  • Dream Walking

  • Truth Flow Seeding

  • Polyglot

  • Psychological Neuromancy

  • Educational Implanting

  • Technomancy

  • Necronomicon Exploration

  • Information Manipulation

  • Belief Extraction and Manipulation

Language Studies

  • Fluency

    • Spanish, German, Japanese

  • Reading

    • Arabic, Russian, Hebrew, Hindi

  • Others

    • Aramaic, Mayan, Egyptian, Greek, Sumerian, Old Norse, Slovakian, Coptic, Sanskrit, Akkadian, Latin

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