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EAGM Raszarith


By the grace of The Nameless,


My spirit name Raszarith I have been training in sorcery since I was a child. Serving as Hounsi to my ancestral spirits. Learning black magick to heal my vessel as I was born into this world very broken and sick. Through ancestral and Maergzjirahn sorcery I corrected my vessel. Healing the damage from heart attacks, strokes, paralysis, and brain damage. You can view my story here on YouTube.


I was healed through black magick I then became gwo-bon-ange, a Hounganikan. I rose through the ranks of Maergzjirah to Ascended Grand Master and Eye of the Void. Mastering several Towers: Fallen, Stars, Secrets, Malady, Nocturnas, Whispers, and Void. Each tower interwoven into my services (found here on the relics page).


If you wish to acquire any of these or the items I have for sale I shall need to screen you first. Many of the services come with special instructions. When I perform your ritual I will send you a link to a video depending on what that service is.


To my loyal regulars or trusted disciples, you may continue to use our regular channels without the screening process via the cash app using the cashtag $TheBlessedKing. Those of you who support my work on YouTube or otherwise may use this same tag for donations as well. Services are offered at a discount for disciples and repeat customers. This is additionally where disciple fees are sent if you wish to learn from me personally. If it is for another one of my Black Council members please send your fee to them. I look forward to hearing from more of you to see who what it takes to rise to their Exalted selves.

In proud and humble service,


Patrons and Patroness'

The 13 Blighted Lords and Ladies of Maergzjirah

Website co-editor and UI coordinator


  • Vodou

  • Void Necromancy

  • Vessel Transfiguration

  • Relic Crafting

  • Circumventing the laws of magick

  • Blood Augmentation

  • Technomancy Trapping

  • Psychometabolic augmentation

  • Necrotic Surgery

  • Void Sorcery

  • Crimson Path

  • Calling the Eldritch Terrors of the Voi

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