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Imperator Var Von Brennos

  • Roles

    • Tower Master of Atrophy

    • Tower Master of The Unspeakables

    • Master Blackguard

    • Hidden Tower knowledge available only to personal acolytes

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By the grace of The Nameless,

Salutations, I was primarily trained in Lovecraftian Sorcery before joining The Cabal. Being

extensively trained in Vampyrism and Sorcery. Through The Cabal I was able to at last get

a good foundation as well as better understanding of the Necromantic arts, and of Course, Gravelording.

I train as I was taught, though much of what I have learned was taught to me by the spirits.

True Necromantic Practices are a rarity, but I assure you, within this group, you will know it truly.



I am currently engaged in Black Gate working, and furthering my understanding of the deeper reaches of Gravelording. Its full implications and the furtherance of issues of the dead, and the undead

in this world. Mortuis Resurgemus. I am always looking for talented, experienced, and disciplined students to help me further this work.

**Warning. I train Kinesthetically. If you learn from me you will do the work, then learn. There is not a lot of speculation in what I teach, but much realization.***

‭‭In proud and humble service,


Var Von Brennos

Patroness: Lady Niolih

Affiliates: Lord Aarzam

Author of Liber Hirudo

Author Of Gravelording

Author of the Forthcoming Book Gravelording 2 The Grave Emperor.

Over 30 years experience in sorcery


  • Atrophy

  • Gravelording

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